Модульные разъемы немецкой компании ODU уже были представлены на страницах журнала. В предлагаемой статье рассказывается о новинках линейки ODU-MAC...

Защитные заглушки ODU AMC® - идеальная защита и безупречное функционирование

Надежное соединение без компромиссов.

Заглушки к разъёмам ODU AMC обеспечивают защиту не только от воды, песка и пыли в самых жёстких условиях...

Small Expenditure – Big Impact

Mühldorf, 10th of January 2014

Energy Savings in Compressed Air Supply

Bernhard Säckl takes over Product Management for ODU-MAC®

The highly modern connector system can be individually configured for a great many different applications


Otto Dunkel’s Great Idea

75 Years ODU Springwire Contact

Art as the Source of Creativity.

Art Course for Apprentices at ODU. "We are a creative company in which a wealth of ideas, innovation and technical progress are demanded and fostered"...

Bit for bit - Fast, Certain, Reliable.

ODU high-speed-connections - how to meet high-speed-data rates in ambitious environments.

Warehouse Modernization and Warehouse Management.

In order to be able to meet the requirements of our customers even more flexibly in the future, ODU has optimised its com­plete warehouse logistics in...