Have you tried our product-specific landing pages yet?

Mühldorf am Inn,

They provide you with a compact one-page summary of a product’s most important features. It’s the first place interested people land when they carry out a specific search, and when they get there, the respective product area is explained to them in an efficient way.

For example, there are three different landing pages in the ODU-MAC® area, one for each product line. A highlight of the ODU-MAC® Silver-Line landing page is a 3D model of a special housing for docking solutions. The visitor to the page can “explode” the model, allowing them to take a virtual look at the inner workings and design of the housing and examine every detail close up. This 3D effect is brand new and can also be selected with just one click. What’s more, you’re one click away from ordering a pair of free ODU 3D glasses, too ‒ so you can get just that much closer to the world of ODU. Curious?

On the respective landing pages, you’ll also find videos and very instructive product images as well as application examples. And thanks to the mobile version for tablets, notebooks and smartphones, they’re just as easy to access from your office as they are from anywhere you happen to be outside. Just pay us a visit at the above website or on the ODU-MAC® White-Line or ODU-MAC® Blue-Line landing pages.