ODU Surface Engineering has been offering specialized expertise and experience in surface engineering for decades now. As a leading manufacturer of high-quality surfaces, we provide all the benefits of state-of-the-art technology in a wide range of application areas. Thanks to our high degree of vertical integration and in-house core competence in the field, along with flexible cutting-edge electroplating facilities, we produce innovative, reliable and highly economical solutions. 


    ODU meets the demands of modern industrial processes and serial production through highly functional and industry-specific surface optimization. As surface finish experts, we create top quality that’s reliably reproducible for applications covering the complete range of electronic and mechanical engineering. 


    In aviation, surfaces are typically exposed to very specific ambient conditions – and need to be especially resistant to such forces as corrosion, pressure, density and temperature. In other words, quality and reliability demands are extraordinarily high. For years now, ODU Surface Engineering has been among the top specialists and selected providers in this sector. 


    A perfect look and feel combined with such properties as hardness and protection against corrosion and wear – when it comes to the design and production of decorative surfaces, we also custom design efficient high-precision solutions.


    Innovative, highly functional and completely reliable: We offer consistent top quality for all desired surface properties and finishes for the varied requirements of the automotive industry – for classy interior and exterior design.


    Surface properties play a decisive and often vital role in this area – and must be perfectly compatible with each other, too. ODU provides fully reliable coatings and finishings which are biocompatible and extremely robust – not to mention sterilizable, autoclavable and of the highest level of purity. 


    Demands on surfaces are also particularly high in the military and security area. Surfaces may need to be inconspicuous and non-reflective as well as deployable in the harshest ambient conditions under high mechanical stress. ODU offers the right finishing touch for all chosen materials and ensures that surfaces are safe for use.

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