High voltage
Profound expertise in high-voltage applications.
Specialist knowledge about partial discharge .

High voltage from ODU.

The challenge of developing and designing high-voltage resistant connectors lies in the mutual influence and necessary dielectric strength as well as an increasing demand for miniaturization. In smaller construction sizes, the distance between individual contacts decreases, thereby strengthening the electrical field. This also raises the risk of electrical breakdown and destruction of the insulator as well as the overall system.

For small connectors, it is indispensable to calculate and adhere to necessary clearance and creeping distances in order to reach consistently strong electrical current. It is equally important to avoid inhomogeneities in the product design such as sharp edges or corners, since under constant contact distance, these can intensify the electrical field many times over. Some material combinations can even promote this effect on the strength of the electrical field. ODU goes even further by taking into account yet another important parameter: the so-called partial discharge.

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